Upcycling Sargassum seaweed into a cosmetic emulsifier with silky texture

Our proprietary process upcycles the world’s most regenerative material to create an emulsifier that’s healthy for people and the planet. This oil-in-water (O/W) emulsifier is made with a low-impact extraction and is COSMOS approved. Our customers love the silicone-like feel SeaBalance brings to its emulsions. 


Find the Beauty in Sargassum

By upcycling Sargassum into eco-friendly products,  we help restore marine ecosystems while creating opportunities for local workforce outside of tourism.

The annual Sargassum bloom has grown to 20-30 Megatons in the Caribbean, resulting in:

* Methane emissions from rotting Sargassum

* Biodiversity loss in coral reef and beach ecosystems 

* 35% decline in tourism across the Caribbean, BEFORE the pandemic

SeaBalance is a unique all-natural emulsifier that performs in cold or hot process skincare applications, resulting in a unique and silky skin feel

Our proprietary green chemistry process creates an oil-in-water (O/W) emulsifier that smoothly blends into your water phase with either hot & cold processes, works with a wide range of emollients, and achieves a smooth and silky texture with minimal oil.




The Future of Plant-based is Seaweed

Seaweed doesn’t need land, water, nor added fertilizers to grow – it has everything it needs in the ocean. As such, it is the world’s most regenerative and adaptive plant-based resource.

A seaweed-based emulsifier that delivers on clean labels & nature-based.

Brands are increasingly being held to account for how sustainable they are. SeaBalance offers a truly unique story that directly links your brand to climate recovery, ocean cleanup, & social impact. And you will be amazed at the amazing new textures you can create with your emulsions!


We're Part of the Carbonwave Family

Carbonwave turns seaweed into ultra-sustainable materials that heal the planet and transition to an oil-free future. Our materials replace toxic, petroleum-based products, while creating next-generation alternatives that improve on industry standards while reducing emissions.

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