Sargassum seaweed blooms are the largest algae blooms on the planet, nature’s response to warmer and over-nutrified waters. By upcycling this excess, we help restore ocean health while creating the world’s first seaweed-based cosmetic emulsifier: SeaBalance 2000.

Carbonwave’s collection division, Grupo Ensol, collaborates with local governments, community scientists, and resorts in Mexico’s Mayan Riviera to harvest Sargassum fresh before it decomposes on shore, helping to prevent the off-gassing of methane, hydrogen sulfide and ammonia.

Every tonne of Sargassum that we divert from landfill prevents the methane gas that would be released through anaerobic digestion.

Methane is 84 times more powerful v. CO2 in the short term at trapping heat in the atmosphere, making it a critical greenhouse emission to control.

Sargassum is processed fresh after harvest and undergoes an extensive quality control protocol before further refining. Once the Sargassum pulp is dried, it is transported to our advanced biorefinery in Puerto Rico. We use a proprietary extraction process that is both gentle and environmentally friendly to create SeaBalance 2000 for brands and formulators around the world.

We’re helping build a new bioeconomy based on seaweed and ocean regeneration in the Caribbean. Aligning environmental and social impact – by helping preserve livelihoods tied to the ocean and creating new jobs in this innovative industry – is at the core of Carbonwave’s mission.

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Carbonwave turns seaweed into ultra-sustainable materials that heal the planet and transition to an oil-free future. Our materials replace toxic, petroleum-based products, while creating next-generation alternatives that improve on industry standards while reducing emissions.

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