What to look for in a cosmetic ingredients supplier

Are you looking for a cosmetic ingredients supplier? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In the swiftly evolving landscape of skincare and cosmetics, the choice of an ingredient supplier is more than a business transaction – it’s a partnership that impacts product quality, brand reputation, and consumer trust.  In this blog, we’ll share some […]

Is there an alternative to synthetic emulsifiers?

Hello to our community of cosmetic and skincare experts! Emulsifiers, as we all know, are the unsung heroes in many of our favorite products, ensuring water and oil play nicely together. But a pressing debate in the industry is whether to opt for natural or synthetic emulsifiers.    In this blog post, we’ll get a […]

Key ingredients for a sustainable skincare routine

Let’s face it, we all want healthy, glowing skin – pun intended. But we also want to adopt a sustainable skincare routine that aligns with eco-conscious values. With climate change knocking at our doors, we can do our part by incorporating small changes to our daily routines – and this certainly goes for our skincare […]

Which Cosmetic Ingredient Helps to Prevent Moisture Loss?

In the ever-evolving world of cosmetics and skincare, achieving and maintaining optimal moisture content is a key concern for both consumers and manufacturers. So, which cosmetic ingredient helps to prevent moisture loss? As we dive into the science behind moisture retention and explore the role of various ingredients, a star ingredient that deserves a special […]

Natural Sunscreen: 5 Reasons to Make the Switch

Girl with sunscreen on the face at the beach

Have you heard of natural sunscreen? As consumers become increasingly more aware of the effects chemical sunscreen has on their bodies, many are making the switch to natural sunscreen that is safer for them and their loved ones. Also known as mineral or physical sunscreens, this specific type of SPF has had a boost in […]

Upcycled Ingredients for Skin Care and Cosmetics

white cream in cosmetics bottle on the sand

With climate change headlines dominating the news and the evidence of the climate crisis taking place right in front of our eyes, environmental consciousness is taking hold in industries across the globe. This also goes for the beauty industry, which is currently undergoing a significant transformation to meet the needs of increasingly eco-conscious consumers seeking […]

Seaweed Benefits for Skin: A Beginners Guide

Red Seaweed Floating in Blue Ocean Water

Have you ever wondered about the seaweed benefits for skin? With the rise of TikTok and an inside look into social media user’s daily routines (we’ve all seen the “get ready with me” videos), skin care product use and recommendations have skyrocketed over the past few years with new skincare lines seemingly popping up overnight. […]