SeaBalance: A Silky Skin Feel Emulsifier That’s Cleaning Up Beaches

• Step into the era of seaweed-based beauty with SeaBalance, the first cosmetic emulsifier derived from upcycled seaweed.

• Our proprietary green chemistry process takes one of the world’s most damaging oceanic waste products and creates an emulsifier with silicone-like feel that delivers.

• With SeaBalance, you're choosing a moisturizing, less oily ingredient that’s perfect for a variety of formulations.-

Why Seaweed for Skin Is In

Superior silicon-like skin feel over other natural emulsifiers

Works in hot and cold process

Proven moisturizing effect

How it works

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We're Part of the Carbonwave Family

Carbonwave turns seaweed into ultra-sustainable materials that heal the planet and transition to an oil-free future. Our materials replace toxic, petroleum-based products, while creating next-generation alternatives that improve on industry standards while reducing emissions.

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